How it works


The Frigido system comes with a custom insulated bag to hold your supplies, optional ice brick and the thermos.

Using a highly insulated and efficient thermos, coupled with a custom designed insulated carry bag, a secure stainless steel tube to hold glass vials of medication safely and securely, a renewable single phase refrigeration system using typical co2 cartridges and a bag designed to hold the Frigido system including the typical syringes, utensils and supplies.

The renewable refrigeration assembly fits into the Thermos where it will stay within acceptable temperature limits as needed for your medication. To insure your medication stays at acceptable temperature limits there is a temperature read out located on the bag telling you the inside temperature of your medication while it is stored inside the thermos. Just because it feels cool does not mean it is within the limits suggested by the manufacturer. With our system all guess work is eliminated.

The purpose of the product is insure unopened or opened vials of medication stay within the suggested temperature range for days without the need for electricity or power. It is also useful in daily use for those active individuals who never seem to have access to fresh ice packs or other means of cooling during the day. The Frigido System has storage for (4) co2 cartridges that will renew the refrigeration process when it is needed.

Thermos is smaller than water bottle